Your fast track to a flat tummy and flat abs

Your fast track to a flat tummy and flat abs

The Summer is still young, and if you’ve decided to make this Summer for losing the weight and tightening your abs, you’re in luck. Getting a flat midsection really boils down to two things: 1) Getting rid of the fatty layer that is covering your abdominal muscles; and 2) Tightening your abdominal muscles. The following 7 Tight Abs Tips are your Fast-Track ticket to getting a flat, attractive midsection this summer.

Tight Abs Tip #1: Resistance training is one of the most important factors on seeing those tight abs, Multi Joint exercises are the most bang for your buck exercises. Squat, pushups, pull-ups, chops, etc. Stop being afraid, of stepping into the weight room.

Tight Abs Tip #2: Stop eating junk. Processed foods, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup do NOT belong in your diet if, especially if you want tight abs. Cutting these items from your diet will allow your body to maintain stable blood sugar levels, alleviating your body’s need to store excess sugar away in fat cells. The fat stores created by excess sugar intake most often accumulate around your waist, covering up your abdominal muscles. Cut these items from your diet and replace them with real whole foods such as lean meats, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fruits.

Tight Abs Tip #3: Stop doing long and slow cardio workouts. Instead, use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for your cardio workouts. There are many ways to do that, one way is to do HIIT training with intense bursts of cardio peppered throughout your workout. This is a sure-fire way to rev up your metabolism and to get your fat stores to shrink.

Tight Abs Tip #4: Don’t do the usual abdominal exercises, Crunches are great, but just not functional enough, rendering it less effective. Place your hands on a medicine ball in a plank position—this will force your abs to work harder, and will achieve better results.

Tight Abs Tip #5: Don’t be fooled. The market is flooded with ‘lose weight’ products and products that claim to flatten your stomach. Never waste your time or money on:

  1. So-called packaged health food that comes with weight loss claims. If it’s processed in a package with a bunch of chemical additives then it will not help you achieve flat abs.
  2. Abdominal exercise gimmicks as sold on late night infomercials – all you really need is your own body weight, a stability ball and dumbbells or a medicine ball.
  3. So-called weight loss supplements. The magic pill for flat abs doesn’t exist, so you’d be wasting your health and money on a bogus product.


Tight Abs Tip #6: If you were hoping I would mention crunches, you won’t hear about them from me. I believe it is a useless exercise, high reps, low intensity, there are many ways to do it and we can argue their merits, my biggest concern: Many of us already have postural problems from sitting all day. Why use your valuable workout time on an exercise that, at best does nothing to improve your posture, and at worst may aggravate an existing problem?

Target your abs this way. Keep it simple with the Side plank. Targets the entire core, transverse, glutes, oblique’s etc It’s easy to do it anywhere so incorporate it in your program

Starting Position: Lie on side. Place forearm under shoulder perpendicular to body. Place upper leg directly on top of lower leg and straighten knees and hips.


Movement: Raise body upward by straightening waist so body is ridged. Hold position for 20s. Repeat with opposite side.


Tight Abs Tips #7: Challenge your core often. Don’t limit your abdominal exercise to the gym, incorporate core strengthening during daily life and throughout each workout. A strong core is one of the foundations for flat, tight abs. Get down and do 20second planks throughout your day.

There you have it! Seven tips that, when diligently applied, will help you shed the fat and tighten your abs. But, keep in mind that your results will be seriously hindered if you do the same exercise routine over and over. Your abs need a progressive challenge in order to transform. This means new exercises, different resistance and increased challenge at least every 4-6 weeks. Call 718-576-6060 or email Now if you have any questions and to get started on your fitness transformation!

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