Welcome to our long awaited Blog!

Welcome to our long awaited Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

Thanks so much for visiting, today we will just discuss what to expect here on our blog and why I think you should or should not follow me (not on the street of course)

I am not natural gifted writer, my last english class was when I was 12years old in Vein Boro Park, After that my parents put me thru the system and tried hiring me a tutor to teach me some basic english skills but as you know which teenager is ever interested when all they can be doing is having fun, so for all you grammar spelling police Please leave the blog immediately as I will not be here to satisfy your thirst.

The reason I was contemplating starting a blog was for one reason, there is just sooooo much information out there, that it is not possible to know whom to follow and respect, so much controversy, contradictions, I mean go ahead put down your coffee and head on to google, bing or whichever other search engine you use and type in “How to get fit”  I just got 238,000,000 results! How in the world will you choose which site to visit and know that it is accurate information ?!

The answer is its Impossible! Unless you know the author personally, you can never know what kind of advice you are getting. I know what is going thru your head right now. “oh man, is he serious?! All these crunches for nothing!? Those nasty broccoli I have been eating daily for breakfast and dinner for the last 2years !? What about the Toning shoes from Sketchers I have wearing for the last several months? ”


I am your solution, I am real, I am human at least I think I am, You can always visit my studio, you can question me, my knowledge etc.
What I am suggesting is that follow someone you respect and feel like you are getting accurate information, My promise is always to deliver the most accurate fitness information from Nutrition, Exercises or anything related in the Fitness industry, If I don’t know something I will not be afraid to admit it.

To Further convince you whether I may possibly know something about fitness 😉

  1. 1 year school NPTI  (National Personal Training Institute)
  2. 1 year EFTI  (Equinox Fitness Training Institute)
  3. Certified thru ISSA, ACTION
  4. Travel cross country for seminars
  5. Worked at one of the greatest gyms in the country Equinox for 2 years
  6. Have top notch mentors, Alwyn Cosgrove, Todd Durkin
  7. I have clients who have actually gotten results 😉
  8. Just recently Selected as A Council member for the Advisory Council on Action Personal Trainer certification

Thanks for reading, I have to eat lunch now 🙂 Looking forward sharing with you the most accurate information out there.

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