How to prepare & break a fast & not gain weight!!

How to prepare & break a fast & not gain weight!!

Fasting is a very popular subject these days between the masses. There are many protocols out there from 16 hour fast days to 24hr fast days several times a week to fasting when you feel like it. I do not enjoy discussing the subject as most people have been hammered in that they must eat 5-6 small meals a day in order to drop some lbs. I still feel this is the best way to drop bodyfat, I do not think the community is ready for any fasting type of lifestyle as I think it is very advance method. “Advanced” as in most people grab the first thing they see, if they do not eat for several hours. This is often seen in the Synagogue after a fast day, it is chaos. People push and shove for that glass of orange juice. Ever notice how some grab some rugelech or cookies before the prayers and hide it under their chairs? Come on don’t lie now; you are probably guilty of doing that too at some point ha ha. I stand by and just giggle at how everyone tackles for the cheese rugelech. That is exactly why I do not recommend fasting to my clients as for of weight loss. One must master the art of not giving into food, control is the key. As a matter of a fact control is the key not to gain. Those of you who have 20-30-40lbs of fat, have to learn how to refrain from giving in to your urges and not focusing on how you feel. You don’t need to eat that rugeleh immediately when the chazzon finishes kaddish. Nor do you need to eat the entire bag on the table. Haha You are 40lbs overweight for exactly that reason, Eating 2 bowls of chulent when you are not even hungry, 5 slices cake at shabbos kiddish, the list goes on. We have no self control!


Okay enough of my ranting, let’s get to the down and dirty of how to prepare for a fast and break one.

  1. Eat a fatty meal. Yep you read well, eat a very fatty meal. You must be thinking oh great! I will buy a dozen donuts, large fries and a salad with a ton of dressing. Hey that’s what Joel said! Okay let me clarify before you break into a fight with your significant other about what I meant. Eat a fatty meal means have lots of “healthy” fats. So it would look like this
  2. Salmon fish, lots of vegetables sprinkled with olive oil and drink lots of water, no sweet stuff, no juices. Pretty simple.


You don’t want to start the fast with a very full stomach so just eat really slow and listen to your body when it tells you that you are full, overeating will not help you fast easier.


Once you are done, take a big black garbage bag and empty the closets from all the cake that you prepared for after the fast (evil laugh) Yep you cannot have any of that.


That is how I would suggest starting your fast.

Now the scary part of how to break your fast.  Typical questions go like this.

  1. What is the best thing I should eat after a fast? Or a more subtle one.
  2. What should I eat first after my fast ?


The best advice is like Brad Pilon puts it down.

When you finish your fast you need to pretend that it Never happened!

No rugelech, no rewards, nothing. Simply go on with your life as if you didn’t fast. There is no magic way to end your fast. The absolutely best way to end your fast is to sit down to dinner and eat what you would normally eat. If you can do that then you will be way ahead than anyone else. You will drop fat and you will feel great. I know it is hard but it is the absolutely best way to break your fast. Training yourself not to go nuts will save you so many pounds in the future.


For those who still want to know what to eat exactly. This is how I would do it:

Stick of celery and almond butter.  (or any other vegetable) Wait 10min and sit down for dinner as you would on any given night of the week. There  are no special food items to eat. Why the celery and almond butter?  Well simply to ease your hunger pangs before sitting down for dinner. If you can do this then you are way ahead than the average Yankel who gobbles the bag of rugelech…

I could fill up a page of references for this article. I will just list you a few sites you can visit regarding fasting.


Brad Pilon, goes into detail why you should fast whenever you feel like it

Dr. John Berardi wrote a free report with his 6 month experience with various types of fasting protocols, fun to read and an eye opener for those who are stuck in the 6 meal a day mentality.

another blog to check out is Martin Berkhan  his  own words “shatter peoples preconceived notions on how to eat for muscle gain and fat loss.”

And one more resource for the curious ones Ori Hofmekler’s


Keep in mind I am not suggesting you do any of the above, I am just providing you with the resources to make your own educated decisions J That is my job, isn’t it ?


Have an easy fast!!!

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