I got this one client…

I got this one client…

… I’m not going to mention his name. But it starts with an “Ab”
and ends with a “raham”.

This guy…

– comes 5pm 3x weekly, and he’s always 5-10 minutes early..

– eats small meals throughout the day and drinks almost a gallon of

– has a great fruit shake the morning, and dark-green veggies at night and Berries for dessert.

– lives in Boro Park, but hasn’t had eaten Pizza in years.

– His Neck pain is gone and back pain nearly disappeared, has a ton of energy and bikes way Faster than the average Yoely. Oh and don’t let me forget

to mention he is 63yrs old! Whoaaa yes Wow!

The reason I’m pointing him out is because guys like this really
represent what it’s like to live the ‘fitness lifestyle’.

Me and my trainers get asked all the time “what’s the FASTEST way
to get in shape?”, “How do I get rid of my stomach?”, etc, etc…

And the answer is always the same -> to change your LIFESTYLE

So in this Blog Post I want to show you the 3 most popular habits that
FIT people have, and how you can adopt these into your life…


Habit #1   They Don’t Buy Junk

Fit people know that if they keep junk food in the house it will
land on their waist sooner or later.

So they don’t buy any.

Rid your home of chips, cookies, candy, baked goods, pre-packaged
snacks and anything else that belongs in a vending machine. Replace
the above with fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and other healthy whole
foods snacks.


(I am not so fit yet haha so I cheat sometimes and buy nosh when I feel I deserve to splurge, so please don’t call me out at Klein’s ice cream store)

Habit #2   They Stop When Full

Fit people stop eating when they feel full. This one may sound
simple, but how many times have you filled yourself simply to
clear your plate? Or how many times have you eaten another piece of
cake despite being stuffed?

The next time you feel full, take it as a sign to stop eating… even
if your plate isn’t empty


Habit #3   They Have Priorities

Fit people make exercise a priority. Along with keeping a job,
paying the bills and going to the doctor, exercise is an important
part of their lives. What I’ve found is that fit people put
exercise before leisure time. Sure, fit people enjoy leisure, but
it is scheduled around their workout time.

Treat your exercise schedule with the same importance that you would a
business meeting or trip to the dentist.

So ditch the excuses, because BAD excuses are worse than none. And
even though excuses make everyone feel better… they change NOTHING.

If you want it, you do it – at least in our Studio, that’s how we
do things 🙂

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