Your 28 Fitness and Fat loss Tips

Your 28 Fitness and Fat loss Tips

These 28 Fitness and Fat Loss Tips will get you on the right track for this summer and upcoming holidays:

  1. Visualize the accomplishment of your goals each and every day. Experience the taste of success and feel that sweet satisfaction.
  2. Push the intensity of your workouts. Don’t kill time, burn calories by maintaining a challenging intensity.
  3. Use smaller plates at home. This effortlessly reduces calorie intake and promotes weight loss.
  4. Build accountability into your workouts so that you resist the temptation to take days off. The best way to ensure accountability is to work with a partner, personal trainer either one-on-one or in a group training setting.
  5. Believe in yourself. Know with conviction that you CAN accomplish your goals.
  6. Drink water throughout your day. Do this by carrying a water bottle and opting for water rather than calorie-filled beverages. This simple action is extremely beneficial.
  7. Maintain your metabolism by eating a healthy snack or meal every three hours. This food should be unprocessed, low in fat and high in fiber.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  9. Incorporate High Intensity Interval Training into your cardio workouts by performing bursts of high intensity rather than exercising at a single steady pace. (this is a must)
  • It’s not about will-power, it’s about want-power. You have to want it.
  • Do not eat processed foods. These items are high in empty calories and contain a plethora of chemicals that are harmful to your health.
  • Stop talking about losing weight. Start doing it.
  • Fat contains twice the caloric density of carbohydrates and protein, so limit the amount that you consume. Fill your diet with lean protein and carbohydrates from plants and whole grains.
  • Be wary of products that are labeled as ‘health food’. Always read the nutrition labels.
  • Find a workout partner who is in better shape than you, or better yet work with a personal trainer to guarantee dramatic results. (wink)
  • Make a habit out of reading nutrition labels. Avoid items that are high in fat and carbohydrates.
  • Destroy negative self talk.
  • Avoid the trap of high-calorie beverages after your workouts.
  • Be consistent with your workouts. Exercise three to four times each week.
  • Expect more of yourself.
  • High fructose corn syrup should not be in your diet. It is high in calories and will quickly derail your weight loss efforts.
  • Build muscle, lots of it, this will help you burn fat while you are sleeping. Don’t be afraid of weights or any form of resistance training
  • Eat lots of whole plant foods. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are filled with fiber and antioxidants, vital for your good health.
  • Do your cardiovascular exercise after weight training to ensure more fat burn. Your stored sugars will be depleted during the weight training then your body will rely on fat stores to get you through the cardio workout.
  • Set specific, measurable goals.
  • Focus on end goal not on the 1lb you lost today. So stop checking scale every hour
  • Start each day with a healthy breakfast. This important meal should be a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat to get your metabolism going strong.
  • You deserve better…go get it.

After writing these tips, I realized how powerful and inspiring they are. Print this list and place it somewhere that you’ll see often – this will keep you motivated and pumped up to accomplish your goals. If your Summer resolution has to do with losing weight and getting into great shape (and whose isn’t?) then guarantee your success by working with a fitness expert who can guide you to success. I’d love to team up with you – together we will transform your body now! Call or email to get started today.

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