Training Questions

Absolutely! In addition to kicking off your customized training program, we go through you current nutritional habits. Then we guide you as to what mindful meals should look like as well as providing a list of practical and delicious snacks. Before you know it, proper eating will become second nature for you. and you will be getting periodic reminders on text or email to adhere to your eating habits.

That depends on what’s best for you. Your workout is designed based upon your health history, your goals, any current limitations and your time available for exercise. We will educate you on all of the essential components of good health: flexibility, stamina, endurance, strength and weight reduction, and of course, take you through customized training sessions. Clients generally start to feel better, physically and mentally, the first week they begin their training.

Many new clients feel that way! The great thing about Better Health studios is, our studio is private so there is no awkwardness, people in spandex, weird gawking and no need for self-consciousness.

You will quickly get comfortable with your trainer and the other members of your small group, and you’ll feel so good after your workout that you’ll look forward to the next one.

Yes you can, just check our hours it is best to let us know when you are coming so we can make sure we can give you our full attention while you are doing your workout. All training sessions are by appointment. We schedule as early as 8:00am or as late as 11:00pm.

You’ll find that setting appointments keep you on track much better – leaving workouts to chance gives you too much opportunity to procrastinate! If no appointment then you are welcome to workout on your own. Just take your file from filing cabinet and enjoy your workout.

All sessions last for 50 min. New exercisers begin gently and more advanced enthusiast progress more aggressively.